About us

Love of art and cats

How can I fit more creative time and colour into my life?  This was the question I asked myself when I decided to embark on a "side hustle" of Pinotcat Designs.  I have always loved colour and how it makes you feel, how adding a pop of colour to your outfit can instantly make you happy.  Colour just makes me happy.  In 2015, I started playing with polymer clay and making myself earrings that I couldn't find out there.  Over the years I have taught myself all the ins and outs of clay and still love exploring the avenues that it can offer an artist to express their designs. 

After being in the corporate world for most of my working life and  lets saying getting to an age were you realise that life is to important to be stressed out for a job, I have taken on this little "side hustle" and giving it a real go.  My dream/goal is to create a lifestyle that will allow me to keep exploring my creative side and deliver earrings and home wares that make people SUPER happy.

Currently I am working with polymer clay, resin, paints and alcohol inks.  I love exploring all the possibilities these mediums offer and how they work alone and together.

What's in a name? I am always asked...

The whole story is quiet simple!  I love Pinot Noir, my favourite wine of all time, so I named my "love of my life" Pinot after the wine (picture below) and thus came about Pinotcat Designs. 

I truly hope that everyone who purchases a Pinotcat Design product feels the happiness that came about while making it. 

Thanks Deb