Earring Shapes

We have some standard earrings shapes that we use all the time so here's a list:

The Alicia: Large, cutout dangle, usually resin

The Kel: medium size dangle, unusual shape, normally resin

The Heather:  Tapered dangle, could be clay or resin and comes in a range of sizes from small to large.

The Pedda: Like a tapered tear drop, usually clay and comes in sizes from small to large.

The Steph: Rectangle cutout resin only.  Comes in full size or the baby Steph

The Baby Steph: Half the size of The Steph

The Egg: Large egg shaped dangle, always resin.

The Horseshoe: Large dangle, always resin and features 4 small circles at the bottom which would be resin or clay.