• Boysenberry Large Copper Handle Serving Board

Boysenberry Large Copper Handle Serving Board

Large Copper handles cheese/serving platter.  The actual tray is made from acacia wood.

The base is black boysenberry, with streaks of white, gold  and yellow.  The piece has  taken a minimum 24 -72 hours to set between settings and a  high quality resin has been used.   All platters are food safe, non toxic and heat resistant.  

Can be used as a cheese platter, serving tray, trinket or jewellery tray or decorative piece.

The tray is approx 40cm in diameter and 1.5 cm high.

Pinotcat Designs resin designs are handcrafted in Australia. Each item is handmade making them unique and as such there can be slight differences in shape and colour. This only adds to the charm of homemade items and that no two are exactly the same.

Custom orders are welcome, so please message with requests or colour changes.

Care: Can be wiped with a damp cloth and best kept out of direct sunlight.