Small Major Art Work

Good V Evil

Smaller major art work for the year and I have called this Good V Evil.

The base colour is a black on the top and white on the bottom. I have added copper accents into the middle of the piece which have been scratched for a more textured look.  The piece has been layered in three settings each taking a minimum 24 -72 hours to set using a high quality resin.  The first layer is covered with  2 coats of clear resin, to add depth to the price and create even more shine.  Each colour is heat blasted to move the colours and pigments around to create one off patterns that can never be repeated. 

The piece is approximately 30 cms in height by 23cm wide.  The picture has clean sides.  The picture comes ready to hang.  If you would like more photos then please let me know.

Pinotcat Designs resin art is handcrafted in Australia. Each item is handmade making them unique and as such there can be slight differences in shape and colour. This only adds to the charm of homemade items and that no two are exactly the same.

Custom orders are welcome, so please message with requests or colour changes.

Care: Can be wiped with a damp cloth and best kept out of direct sunlight.